Childhood Cancer

 The Facts

-A child has a 1 in 320 chance of being diagnosed with cancer.
-80% of children's cancers have already metastasized by diagnoses.
-Less then 3% of funding goes to kid's cancer research.
-A child is diagnosed with cancer every 40 minutes.
-Some treatments for kid's cancer were developed 20-30 years ago.
-50 children die of cancer each week.
-At any given moment there are over 20,000 children fighting cancer in the US alone.
-We loose as many children to cancer each year as the number of people who died in 9/11.
-Every school day, two classrooms full of children are diagnosed with cancer.

Early Detection

Cancers in children are often harder to recognize right away because the symptoms can overlap with common illnesses or injuries. Children often get sick or have bumps or bruises that might mask the early signs of cancer. Watch for any unusual signs or symptoms that do not go away. These include:

-An unusual lump or swelling
-Unexplained paleness and loss of energy
-Easy bruising 
-An ongoing pain in one area of the body
-Unexplained fever or illness that doesn’t go away 
-Frequent headaches, often with vomiting
-Sudden eye or vision changes
-Sudden unexplained weight loss


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