Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Lobster Boil

Over the Independence Day weekend we entertained friends and neighbors for a fun, traditional outdoor summer lobster boil. Twelve live lobsters were delivered straight from the docks in Maine to our outdoor deck (courtesy of one of neighbor's friends who just happened to be driving home from Maine that day :)

The traditional fare consisted of salt potatoes, corn on the cob, a yummy summer salad (thanks Robyn!), delicious mac salad (thanks Kim!), and of course the Maine attraction, the lobster....oh, yeah...and beer.

I'm in love with this giant galvanized tub my dad gave me...

Of course if you know me, it's not JUST about the food when I'm entertaining...but the table setting as well. Which was equally as pretty if I do say so myself. Blue Willow plates, hydrangeas, fresh lemon, jar candles...what's not to love?

How do you boil the perfect lobster you ask? Here's how...

1. Fill a large pot with water. Four or five gallons of water will hold about six to eight pounds of lobster.
2. Add one to two tablespoons of sea salt per quart of water.
3. Bring water to a full, rolling boil.
4. Leave the rubber bands on the pincers of the lobster until just before you submerge them in the pot. Place the lobster in head first.
5. Boil eight minutes for a one pound lobster. Use the guide below for additional weights...

6. A fully-cooked lobster is deep red in color. An uncooked lobster has a charcoal-type color.

Enjoy : )


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