Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DIY Wood Sign

The road to our lake house has these tall posts that everyone puts their family name or cottage name on. For years, ours has read " Wm Burgess" husband's grandfather who originally purchased the property in the 1950's. We thought this summer it was time to change it.

I tried my hand out at making a sign for our front hall earlier this spring to test my skills...

I thought it came out pretty well so I was confident in my ability to make one for the at the lake.

Here's how I did it...

1. You'll need to find (old wood from fences or pallets that people are throwing away are great to up-cycle), or you can buy and cut a piece of wood to the size you'd like. Be sure to use pressure treated wood if you plan to hang your sign outside.

2. Paint the wood with your background color. For the lake house sign I chose blue. I prefer two coats of spray paint, but leftover house paint, or paint samples works well too. Allow your sign to dry thoroughly between coats.

3. Using Microsoft Word (or like program) find a font you like, type out what you want to paint on your sign, adjust the sizing of the font to fit your sign and print.

4. Cut out your lettering.

5. Turn the paper over, and with a pencil scribble along the outline of the letters or art.

6. Place the paper on your sign, pencil side down, and trace the letters or art onto your sign with moderate pressure using a pen.The pen will transfer the pencil lead onto your sign, creating a template for you to paint.

7. Paint the lettering or art. I used black Sharpies on my "test" sign I made, but found these awesome paint pens at Michaels for the lake house sign...

8. When you've completed painting in your lettering (two coats), allow the sign to dry overnight.

9. Once dry, I like to rouge up my sign a little bit with a fine grit sand paper to give it an antiqued, weathered look.

10. If your using the sign inside, you're done! If you are hanging it outside, you should coat it with a clear polyurethane to help protect it from the elements.

Here is the paint and poly I used for the lake house sign...


And here is the final product hanging on those posts along the road...

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