Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Birch Bark Wrapped (Flameless) Candles

Did you see the birch bark candles in the Pottery Barn catalog? Cool huh? The price...starting at $9.50 for a small 3x3 candle, not so cool. And you can't actually BURN them. Oh no, it would ruin the look and then you'd be out the money you spent for those pretty candles.

So when I saw an old rotting birch tree at our lake house I decided to pry off the bark and try to make my own pretty candles.

I bought two flameless candles at Michaels. One 6x3 and one 8x4 pillar. I cut the bark to wrap the candles, secured it with twine at the top and bottom, and hot glued the seam in the back where the bark met. Super easy, safe and I can "burn" them all I want...or until I have to replace the batteries : )

I love the way the light glows through the slits in the bark. The go perfectly in my husband's home office surrounded by his collection of antique rods, decoys and lake decor.

: ) Eleanor

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