Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Around the Yard

Now that the rain has finally subsided, and the yard has dried out from all that rain, and we are now experiencing a heat wave in the northeast (but because of all that glorious rain, the grass hasn't burned out yet!) ...what better time to take a tour of the yard!

I LOVE hydrangeas!!!! They are SO pretty cut and placed in a bouquet. The perfect summertime centerpiece for any occasion. The pretty purple hydrangea above is a rescue plant. Ya' know...like rescue dog or rescue cat, but a rescue plant. It was severely neglected in it's container from the garden store at a friend's house when my husband rescued it and brought it to live at our house. I was able to nurse it back and was so excited when it loved me back and produced the gorgeous purple bloom.

Here are my lovely white hydrangeas...

I'm glad I snapped this photo of my yellow lilies when I did, because the next day the deer ate all the blooms off of it...

Can't wait for these late summer bloomers to show me what they've got. These canna lilies are a bulb that we have to dig out, store for the winter, and replant every year. Well, I guess I should specify the "we" as my husband. They love sun and the more they get, the taller they'll grow. In the next few weeks they will produce beautiful big, full, red flowers.

My hosta...huge and lovely. I'm conflicted about whether to split them or not. I just love how big and full they are.

Here's another beauty the deer got to shortly after it bloomed...

I think the bush below is spirea. We have one on either side of the front porch. It gets these little bright pink flowers on it and gets HUGE. If hubby hacks, I mean trims, it back about now it will usually come back with more blooms.

Here is a tour of some of my containers...

I picked up this salvia at Home Depot last week on clearance for $5 bucks. SCORE!!!

Hope you enjoyed the tour : )

Happy Gardening



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