Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Lake House

Welcome to our family lake house! Located on a lake in Canada near Gananoque, it was purchased in 1954 by my husband's grandfather and was nothing but a small fishing shack (with no running water) at the time.

Throughout the years it has had a number of additions and projects..first...a well and running water (YES!), thus a bathroom and even a laundry room : ) , a master bedroom, a large family/game room and an even larger deck to take in the splendid lake views. Oh, and a hot tub. And did I mention it's on an island? Yes, an actual island. Our very own island.

We have a boat house on "the mainland" where we park and keep our boat docked and then schlep everything from the car, to the boat, over to the island, and then up a heap of stairs to the cottage.

But really, we love it there. A little schlepping isn't so bad when it's to your island : )

Interior decorating wise, VERY LITTLE has been touched since the 1960's. Needless to say, it's in desperate need of a make-over. Starting this fall we're going to take it on one room at a time starting with the family/game room. I'll post before and afters as we make progress...but don't hold your's going to be a slow go.

Until then, enjoy some gorgeous lake views...

Welcome to Rabbit Island!

Take a seat and enjoy a view of the back bay.

Swing in the hammock for a while.

Relax and have a cocktail on the deck.

Happy Summer!


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