Monday, June 10, 2013

2013 43rd Annual Landmark Society House & Garden Tour

I was super excited when my older brother told me that the 2013 Landmark Society House & Garden Tour was being held in our old stomping grounds in the Park Avenue neighborhood. My parents moved our family out to Penfield in 1987 when I was 10, but I have always thought of our old house as my "childhood home". I met my two BFFs there and made so many happy childhood memories in that neighborhood.

It was a beautiful day for a house and garden tour yesterday! My older brother Mark, visiting from NYC, purchased our tickets ahead online a few days prior and we set out to pick them up at the tour headquarters...our old neighborhood school, Francis Parker School #23.

Neither one of us had set foot inside the school since we moved out of the neighborhood 25 years ago. So we were like excited little kids to go back. Even more excited, when we found out we could walk around and explore the school. It is exactly as we remembered it and we had fun reminiscing about old teachers we had and what classrooms we were in ... it was like walking back in time.

When we first walked in to the school, my brother was taken aback by the mosaic on the wall. He squealed with delight..."OMG, I helped make this!". Here he is pictured with it. Next to the mosaic on the wall was what looked to be the original "plaque" describing the mosaic. My brother was in 6th grade in 1979, so that would make him??? You do the math...and remember, he is my OLDER brother. LOL

After picking up our tickets at #23 school, we began our adventure on the home tour. It included 10 homes built between 1887 and 1926. I think we were some of the youngest on the tour. Everywhere we turned it was old hens with gray, pageboy hair cuts.

One home featured this ahhhmazing Japenese garden...

My brother couldn't wait to get into this house...

He had always admired it from the outside, but had never been inside of it and was excited to see it on the tour. Unfortunately, he (and I) were very disappointed at the layout and homeowners choice of decor. It looks co cute from the outside. Just goes to show 'ya, looks can be deceiving for sure!

I learned some very interesting facts on the 'ol hood. For example, when we were kids, whenever we dug in the backyard we would find all sorts of cool artifacts...pieces of old pottery, china or small bottles. I knew our old street, Canterbury Road, was build where the Erie Canal and towpath used to be before it was rerouted south of the city. But, I never thought about what was used to fill in the old canal fill possibly??? Here is a display along the tour of items found by one homeowner...

And here is a picture of Mark and I in front of our old house on Canterbury Road...

Why do we both look like we're balding in this picture?! was a fun day down memory lane : )

The Landmark Society of Western New York is celebrating their 75th Anniversary this year and is one of the oldest and most active preservation organizations in America. You can find out more about them and their preservation efforts HERE.



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! What a cool adventure down memory lane. Glad you two had the chance to do it!!


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