Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vintage Ladder Blanket Holder

What a beautiful weekend it was! Perfect to do a little garage sale hunting. One item that I came across was this old 6ft. wood step ladder...

As soon as I saw it I thought it would PERFECT for hanging the throw blankets on in our family room. The throws in our family room have turned into exactly that...throw it over here, throw it over there. It was driving the OCD in me crazy. The guy wanted $10 for it, but I was able to get him down to $8. I took it home, removed the back of the ladder (that is the part I was after), sanded it down, gave it two coats of black spray paint, and distressed the edges a little with sand paper to give it more of a vintage feel.

Perfect! Now our throws have a place to hang (out).

Later : )
Homespun Happenings


  1. I love this idea, my kids have blankets all over and at the end of the night I have to pick them up off the floor. Good job talking him down too!


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