Thursday, April 4, 2013

Boy's Pottery Barn Nautical Themed Bedroom on a Budget

Nautical themed bedrooms are all the rage for little boys right now. Have you seen the latest Pottery Barn Kids catalog?

For me, it all started with this cute little sailboat nightlight I found at Pottery Barn Kids over two years ago when I was pregnant with my son. I fell in love with Pottery Barn Kids design and wanted that Pottery Barn nautical look for his room, without spending the mega bucks.

A mom on a mission, I needed some help. I can't sew to save my life. So I enlisted my own mother's sewing capabilities and had her make Logan's toddler quilt after the Madras toddler quilt in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog that sells for $89. Great job mom!

Next, I'd been eying an old oil lantern in my parent's basement...and my dad loves to make lamps. So after my suggestion, he made it into a night light for Logan's room. He already had all the lamp parts ...and even the red spray paint... to make it, so it cost nothing, just his time. Similar ones sell at Pottery Barn kids currently for $44!

OK, now onto some DIY accessories I can handle. You can pick up fishing net at just about any craft store. I hung it over the bed and added a few starfish we already had to bring some visual interest to the empty corner. Last summer I found two cute little buoys in a gift shop while on vacation and added the red one to the fishing net and hung the blue one from the lamp on his nightstand.

I bought these oars unfinished at Michaels and masked off the design I wanted with painters tape and spray painted them. Once they were dry, I "roughed" them up a little with sandpaper to give them that antique feel. Pottery Barn Kids sells them for $39. I made these for about $6 each.

I'm accessory obsessed. Just a little. OK, well maybe a lot. My favorite place to pick up accessories is at Hobby Lobby. They have a bunch of great nautical accessories and at great prices. I almost always find something 50% off and if I don't, I use one of their 40% off coupons that you can find HERE.

Ahoy mateys : )

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