Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Life of a Retiree

I don't know what it is about Florida...but once they are down here, my parents turn into complete and total old farts...sorry mom and dad, but 'ya do. It's said with love.

My dad spends his days smoking cigars and making baskets out of pine needles. He takes Logan on walks and has him collect the pine needles for him. Child labor??? The poor kid isn't even getting paid. Now the baskets are pretty cool I'll give him that...but he completely ignores everyone around him when he is basket weaving. It's like he goes into an obsessive trance. Here he is working on his current masterpiece...

And this one was his first project...

My mom on the other hand can't begin her day until the New York Times Crossword, Jumble and Sudoku puzzles are completed..which is usually by Noon. Considering she doesn't get up until 10am, that's not too shabby.

When she's done and decides to finally get "dressed", she is off on a quest to find wood birds perched on driftwood...her new obsession.

I look forward to their return to New York when hopefully the Florida haze wears off! In the meantime, I may have to stage an intervention.

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