Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shingles Consolation Prize Day

The meds from Urgent Care are finally speeding up this whole Shingles nonsense. So with Logan in tow, my mother and I decided to venture out and descend upon the shopping mecca called Miromar Outlets.

This place has got to be the most beautiful outlet mall I've ever seen! What better way to shop discount than strolling under royal palms, along perfectly manicured rows of begonias, and around beautiful stone fountains. And all this while the sun is shining down in all it's glory.

*Sorry to my friends in less desirable latitudes for the detailed description.

Upon entering the mall, we quickly spot the Vera Bradley store. And what's that sign in the window? ...50% off the ENTIRE store?! Running...

I picked up this super cute sleeve for my iPad for only $15!

Like a true man, the expression on Logan's face says it all... he is thrilled to be shopping with two women...

Now onto my consolation prize. I deserve one, right? Did you see my last post about having Shingles? SHINGLES. That my husband so thoughtfully gave me? Wasn't that sweet of him? Thanks babe.

What's that over there I spy? The Coach Factory store? And they are having a 50% off sale too?! Running faster....

And introducing the newest member of my closet (drumroll, please)...

Hubby you ARE forgiven!


  1. Love the new purse!!! Jealous .... well not of the shingles but of all the prizes!! :)

    1. I hope you never get Shingles! It is horrible : ( The only treatment is retail therapy! LOL


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