Friday, February 15, 2013

Traveling by Plane with a Toddler Part 2: In Flight Entertainment

You've boarded the plane, now what?! First, I hope you took advantage of pre-boarding so that you didn't feel rushed and therefore stressed even more than you probably already are. Second, I hope you don't feel the glares of every passenger as they board the plane and then the overwhelming relief when they find that they aren't seated next to you...or in front of you for that matter : ) And third, are some tips on how to keep that toddler of yours corralled so that you can keep your sanity.
  • Visit your local dollar store and pick up a few new toys to keep you're toddler entertained...and if they get left behind, don't sweat it, they were only $1 : ) Keep them in the package...sometimes the packaging is just as much fun as the toy itself! 
  • Pack a role of Scotch tape. You'll be surprised how mesmerized and entertained your toddler can become with something so simple.
  • Bring a couple of your child's favorite books.
  • Mini packs of Play Doh are great to play with on the tray table.
  • Crayons and a coloring book are always fun, but be prepared...crayons can easily roll away. Make sure you pick up a box of Crayola's square crayons. Better yet, pack a small magnetic drawing board like this one from Etch-a-Sketch...
  • Don't forget your toddler's favorite blanket and/or stuffed animal and a small pillow. These familiar comforts may be all they need to doze off to dreamland during the flight.
  • Download videos to your iPad or bring a portable DVD player and DVDs. But, don't forget the headphones! You don't want to be disruptive to people seated around you. I found these for Logan on Amazon HERE ....

  • Pack twice as many snacks, diapers and formula as you think you'll need. Always be prepared for delays and layovers. And stay away from sugary snacks! They'll only defeat the purpose of trying to keep your toddler under control.
  • Let your toddler be entertained by the sights and sounds of the plane...the seat belt, window, safety brochure, tray table latch, people watching, etc. 
  • If you're running out of options, straws and cups from the beverage cart can be loads of entertainment to a toddler.
 Hope these tips come in handy for your next adventure. Safe travels!

Click HERE for Part1: Tips Before Travel.

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