Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tips & Tricks for a Cleaner House

OK, this does not apply to me at all! LOL Anyone who knows me well, or has been to my house, knows that I am an OCD house cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, floor scrubbing freak...and still have time to be a good mom and have a happy kid. See how happy he is? ...and cute I might add.

So how do I do it? My biggest advice is when you are done with something...put it away! This eliminates so much clutter and keeps you more organized, just by committing to this one simple step. When the mail comes, put the bills on your desk (or wherever you pay the bills) and any junk mail goes directly in recycling bin. Don't stack the junk mail on the counter and think you'll get to it never will...and before you know it, you'll have a heap of clutter on your counter.

2. Keep sanitizing wipes handy in each bathroom under the sink. This enables you to clean up spills and messes, wipe up water marks from faucets, and wipe down toilets in a jiffy. It's amazing how these little steps can make your bathroom feel so much cleaner without committing to a total deep cleaning.

3.Section your house into "zones". My basement is one, my first floor another and my second floor the last. Instead of trying to tackle the entire house in one day and making yourself crazy, pick a day for each zone. On Wednesdays I do the basement, Thursdays the second floor and Fridays the first floor. Or assign different tasks for each day...Mondays vacuuming, Tuesdays Laundry, Wednesdays dusting, etc.

My cleaning arsenal...

Soft Scrub Total- I love products that can be used multiple ways! I use this to clean the tub, shower and sink and because it sprays upside down, I can also use it to clean the toilets. Toilet wands gross me out...I keep one in each bathroom. The last thing I want to do is carry a dirty toilet wand bathroom to bathroom. I've tried the disposable ones and I just think they are too expensive and wasteful.

Lysol Wipes- A necessity with a husband and toddler.

Gain Dryer Sheets- One sheet swiped across a dusty baseboard works wonders and smells great doing it.

Windex- Need I say more?!

Swiffer Dust & Shine- Love this product to dust my wood furniture with. Smells great and you can also use it on leather too.

Swiffer Dusters- Love these for dusting the bookshelves and around the electronics and TVs. I've tried the off brands and they just don't hold up as well...or smell as good.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser- An absolute necessity for any household with kids. The one cleaning item I really don't think I can live without. I stockpile these. They easily clean off crayon, messy finger prints and scuffs from walls.

Not pictured is my gallon jug of vinegar and economy size box of baking soda. When none of the above can do it, these babies can!

Happy Cleaning!

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