Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Drums, Shakers and Stomping, Oh My!

This morning Logan and I attended a music class at Rhythm Connect in Fairport with new friends from the Plum Mom's Club. What a hidden gem! I had no idea this place existed.

We walked into a jungle themed room with wall to wall drums. They had drums to play with your hands, a steel drum, name it, it was probably there. Nothing was off limits, all the kids had a blast experimenting with everything.

Drummer Ed greeted us and we started off the class by creating different sequences of music with animal-shaped shakers. Next, we moved on to drumming and stomping. I think Logan was a little intimidated by this one, he choose to lay back and watch as the other kids stomped and drummed their way around the room in a parade. Last, we learned to make music sequences using our body...our feet to stomp, our hands to clap, and our mouth to, well, make more noise! It was a lot of fun and we'll definitely be going back. 

Rhythm Connect offers classes, lessons and events for all ages. I especially like the idea of the adult drumming and wine class : ) ...and they also do birthday parties! Click HERE to see all the different types of classes they offer. You can also schedule a private class with a small group like we did today!

Rhythm Connect is located at 84 High Street in the village of Fairport.

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