Thursday, December 6, 2012

Deck The Halls: The Family Room

It's time to deck the halls... or in layman terms decorate for Christmas! First stop...the family room and the all important hearth of the home.

I'm going for a very simple, natural, woodsy theme throughout the house this year.

I love this wreath. Yes, I made it. After New Year's and after all the Christmas decorations are put away, it will reside on my front door until Spring when my Forsythia wreath comes out of hibernation.

Grandma Linda gave us this snow globe years ago. Lauren always loved it. I thought it appropriate that is sat on the shelf between her and Logan's silhouettes. Yes, I made them too.

This little ceramic Christmas tree I bought off eBay probably ten years ago. My mom always had a larger one that she displayed every Christmas growing up. I love will be mine someday (insert evil laughter). Dibs on mom's ceramic tree Mark and Alex!!!

Merry Christmas

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