Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Changing of the Guards

Today is the first day of November and if you live in upstate New York (or anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line for that matter) you know that it's time to finally give up on any hope of an Indian Summer, put away the summer wardrobe, and break out the winter.

Now, I have a modest walk-in closet that I am forced to share with my husband who is a clothes hoarder...that's right, clothes HOARDER. I may be a clothes horse, but there is a difference. A clothes hoarder is one who refuses to GET RIDE OF ANYTHING!!! A clothes horse (by definition) is one who indulges in fashionable clothes. A clothes hoarder will hold onto any piece of clothing if it fits or not, has holes, tears or is missing buttons, or is from this century or last.

Her side...

Yes, those are labels on the bins and photographs of shoes on the outside of my shoe boxes. Best organizational thing I ever did for my shoes!

His side...

So with our modest (but highly organized, I might add) closet and shopping tendencies...I had to come up with more storage. My bins that can slide in/out from under the bed. In summer they hold the winter sweaters, and in winter they hold the summer shorts and crops.

Bring forth...the "changing of the guards".

1 comment:

  1. I'm married to one of those too... i mean holy tshirts! He has drawers upon drawers... WHHHHHYYYYYY


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