Saturday, November 17, 2012

Beads, Pendants & Oh The Possibilities!!!!

I have recently discovered Bead Gallery strung beads at Micheal's. I think I may have found another hobby...jewelery I need another.

If you've never strolled the Bead Gallery display at Micheal's, it is literally rows and rows of strung beads at fabulous prices. Most strands are about six to eight inches long and range in price from $3.99 to $12.99. They are almost always on some kind of promotional sale each week.

It really takes very little creativity to create a great statement necklace using Bead Gallery. The way the beads are sold are already in ready-to-create strands, so just pick a couple strands you like, throw in a pendant or a charm or two and you've got a great new necklace for less then half the cost you probably would have paid in a high end boutique.

In the picture above I am wearing two necklaces. The cross pendant I made using the Bead Gallery beads. It compliments my Brighton Full Moon Rising turquoise necklace quite well, wouldn't you say?

I paid $2.99 for the cross pendant, $3.59 for a stand of small pebble turquoise beads, and then bought two strands of the larger turquoise beads for $4.79 each. I already had the cord to string them all together, so in total, the necklace cost me, with tax, $17.37 and about a half hour of my time. My Brighton necklace...about $60.

Currently taking orders : )

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