Saturday, November 24, 2012

All That Jazz Antique Mall

All That Jazz Antique Mall is a great place to find antiques locally, in fact, they are the largest antique mall in Monroe County. They have over 100 dealers that offer a wide variety of antiques and collectables and decorative accessories.

So instead of fighting the Black Friday mall mobs, my brother Mark, his partner Gerrit and I decided to do a little antiquing. I haven't been to All That Jazz in a REALLY long time and honestly, it is so tucked away that I had almost forgotten about this gem. So of course, I was super excited when we got there and found out that they were having a Black Friday sale...20% off the entire store...woot-woot!

I found a few great treasures. Here's what I did with them... 

First find was this great old wire milk bottle carrier.

My dad gave me a great vintage milk bottle for in it. If you look at the bottle closely in the picture below, you'll notice it has a small bulb at the top of the neck. Before milk was homogenized, the cream would rise to the top of the milk bottle. A special spoon would be used to close off the neck between the cream and the milk, thus allowing the cream to be poured out of the bottle and the milk to remain. There's your history lesson for today : )

I rolled up a piece of paper and stuck it in the bottle to make it look like their was "milk" in it, put it in the wire basket and then placed it on top of my kitchen cabinets. Next, I printed out a vintage milk sign on photo paper from the internet and put it in a black 8x10 frame I already had to bring the whole "look" together.

Next I found these lovely wrought iron candle holders that look perfect displayed on my mantle.

I've seen these before and if you don't know what it is, back in the day they were used to beat dirt out of your rugs. I've been on a kick lately collecting old housewares to decorate my laundry room, so it made the perfect addition to my collection hung on my laundry room wall.

Now that's everything I bought on my antique expedition Friday, but I did come across several old oil lanterns like the one pictured below that I photographed at the shop.

My dad recently found an old oil lantern down in is basement that he made into a night light for Logan's room (upon my suggestion). It came off an old boat he used to own.

Cool, huh? They had similar reproduction lanterns at Pottery Barn Kids over the summer that were selling for around $40. This cost my dad absolutely nothing to make, he already had everything in his workshop...even the flickering light bulbs!

If you go...All That Jazz is located at 1221 Empire Boulevard, just east off 590 along the bay, and open daily 10am-5pm and Sundays 11am-5pm. 

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