Saturday, October 20, 2012

Trunk or Treat Halloween Fun

This evening Logan and I attended Trunk or Treat at our church, Risen Christ. For those of you not familiar with what Trunk or Treat is, basically it's tailgating Halloween style with decorated trunks, trick or treating car to car, and a few kiddie games and crafts thrown into the mix.

Now, when we left for the event late this afternoon around 4:30pm, it was sunny and about 57 degrees. Perfect Trunk or Treat weather! But, that quickly changed. By 6pm the skies were darkening and the wind was picking up, then at about 6:30pm a total downpour. BUMMER. But, we did manage to get in a craft, a group photo of the kids following a short parade of them in their costumes around the parking lot, and then a little trunk or treating.

So the event ended abruptly with everyone scrambling to pack things up and head out...all the while while my friend Jenny was hanging out her car window yelling "Save yourself!". LOL

Here we are lining up for the kiddie costume parade...Logan the puppy dog, and mommy the mail order bride...and yes, that is my wedding dress.

On a funny note...before we got to the church, we stopped at J&L's Pizza (my favorite by the way) to pick up some dinner. When I was getting dressed earlier I couldn't reach to pull the zipper on my dress up all the way and figured I'd just get one of the ladies at the event to do it. It was so bothering me that I was going to arrive "incomplete", that I got some poor, old, unsuspecting patron waiting for his pizza to finish zipping it up for me.

Logan enjoying one of the decorating. Like his dog collar? I got some pretty weird looks at Walmart trying to pick out a dog collar for my toddler. It's a wonder Child Protective Services wasn't waiting for me outside the store. But, we were at the Walmart on 31 in Wayne County...they must see that sort of thing all the time, right?

Group shot of the kiddos. Aren't they all adorable. Naturally, I think mine is the cutest. But, my vote for best kiddie costume goes to the little witch with the cool false eyelashes. I'm sure a future diva in the making.

My vote for best decorated trunk. There were flashing lights strung around the spider and you had to reach into the spider's "nest" to get your treat.

The night also ended with this giant gourd tossed at me. Apparently one of the organizers made an executive decision in all the rain chaos that I won for best adult costume. Cool! My major award : )

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  1. Save yourselves!!!! One thing about us Sanzos - we know when to bail lol Way to go on the gourd award btw ;) loved your costume idea!


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