Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tour of Fairport Fire Department Station 1

Today Logan and I went on a tour of the Fairport Fire Department Station 1 located at 27 East Church Street with our friends from the Fairport Moms club.

Now for your history lesson...The Fairport Fire Department was founded in March 1877 as the DeLand Fire Company No. 1 of Fairport for fire protection of the chemical works. Three months later, the DeLand Hose Company was formed with cooperation of the DeLand Fire Company No. 1 by property owners along and near main street for fire protection. Seven months after that, a group of men formed the Fairport Hook & Ladder Company No. 1, which was incorporated March 1881. The Protectives Company was organized February 1888, and incorporated June 1890. The Main Street Main fire hall was completed in 1932, next to the Village Hall, where these three companies shared space. Today the Fairport Fire Department operates out of Station One and Station Two, located on East Whitney Road. In 2002 the Fairport Fire Department celebrated their 125th anniversary.

Logan would not pose for a photo with his friends on the back of the truck...or wear the cool plastic Junior Firefighter hats they distributed, or try on the Future Firefighter kiddie coats they had, or climb into a truck for a prime photo op. BUT, he did enjoy checking out all the gauges and hose hook-ups on the side of the truck. Note his appropriate attire (a present last Christmas from his Uncle Mark who lives in NYC).

I was complimented on my fall attire today and my girlfriend wanted to know where I shopped, so here is the breakdown... Sweater: Lord & Taylor Cashmere, Denim Top: JCPenney, White Tank: Target, Jeans: Old Navy, and Boots: Bandolino...Thanks Lauren for the compliment : )

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