Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Coupon Madness

Mondays are grocery shopping day here at the Olander household. Mondays always seem to be a quiet day for us. After the madness of the weekend has subsided and before the week gets into full swing...I dunno, it just seems to fit. On Sunday I cruise the store flyers and my favorite couponing web sites, and then plan my battle strategy, er, my shopping trip. AND ...for those of you who know me... you know that I despise buying anything without a coupon to go along with it.

I love Wegmans for my fresh produce and meats, but buy most of my pantry stuffers at Tops. Last week Tops had a great "Meal Deal" where if you bought a frozen Turkey breast for $14.99, you got for FREE a box of stuffing, a box of cake mix, 2 liter bottle of soda, a bag of frozen veggies, Country Crock mashed potatoes, and a disposable roasting pan. I love it when they have those deals! I will be the first to say that Tops is expensive for everyday grocery shopping and I would NEVER buy any health and beauty products there. But if you hit a sale just right with a coupon match-up, you can save a boat load.

Here is what I bought today...

Total out-of-pocket spent: $65.35 ...I saved $67.98 using my Tops Bonus Card and coupons (Tops doubles manufacturer coupons up to $.99). Not my BEST trip, but not to shabby either. Here's a breakdown...

8 Betty Crocker Boxed Muffin Mixes- 2/$4
Used 4 $1/2 coupons from the 9/9/12 and 10/7/12 Sunday newspaper coupon inserts

2 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix Pouches- 2/$4
Used 2 .60/1 printable internet coupons found HERE (you should be able to print it twice)

6 Bounty Single Roll Paper Towels- $1 each
Used 3 $1/2 coupons from the 9/30/12 and 10/14/12 Sunday newspaper coupon inserts

2 McCormick Recipe Inspirations- $1 each
Used $1.75/2 from the 10/7/12 Sunday newspaper coupon inserts

2 Bryers Blasts Ice Cream- 3/$10
Used 2 $.75/1 printable internet coupon found HERE (you should be able to print it twice)

2 Mrs. Smith Frozen Dutch Apple Pies-2/$7
Used 2 $1.50/1 from the 9/30/12 Sunday newspaper coupon inserts

4 Barber Frozen Stuffed Chicken Breasts- BOGO Free ($5.49/each regular price)
Used 2 $1/2 printable internet coupon found HERE (you should be able to print it twice)

Tops is running a promotion this week where if you buy 10 of the following items, you'll save $2 instantly, so I got...
3 Cans of Tops Dark Red Kidney Beans- $1 each
2 Cans of Tops Butter Beans- $1 each
1 Can of Tops Chicken Broth- $1
4 Tops Onion Soup Mix- $1 each

The rest were not sale items, but stuff I needed...except for the bakery muffins, Logan needed those : )

1 Loaf of Tops White Sandwich Bread- $1.29

2 64 oz. Bottles of Tops Apple Juice- $2/each

1 Tops Raisins Snack Boxes- $1.79

Bananas- $1.13

Seedless Grapes- $6.47

4 Pack of Fresh Tops Bakery Blueberry Muffins- $4

Tops 1 Gallon Orange Juice- $4.69

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